Happy Birthday 07-07

once upon a time at #r41…

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“So, the card should be like this, add that, bla bla bla”

“No, it has to be like this bla bla bla”


Let’s do the Danbo way…

Happy Birthday, Tika :P


wait… heavy beard?!

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“You spelt it wrong, IDIOT!!”

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“Now do it MY WAY!!”

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“Bee Do Bee Do, make no more mistake! Bee Do Bee Do !”

“Shut Up!!”


Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“Happy birthday Tikaaaaaaaaa”

wait.. i think there’s something not right in that picture…

tika_20130708142040-arrgghhWell, what Domo did after that is not appropriate to put in here….

as seen on www.jirolu.net…

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  1. arief

    minion gitu ada yang jual? info dong

    • saya dulu sih beli di Toys ‘R Us n semacamnya :)

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