[#31DaysOfDecember] 27 – Path Random


Many of my (Indonesian) friends asking me about Path many times. Including my closest friends like Cahyo or Fay.

See, I was once a Path user also guys. I’ve told you. But I’ve killed my account.

No, not because Bakrie group having a large cut of shares in there like Cahyo said. I don’t give a f*** about them anyay. It’s because something else :P I think i will do the same with my Instagram account, maybe. And that would make me sad.

I thought I could have a very little tiny bit of what so called happiness for my own self. Well it was indeed just my thought. Should be more serious about thinking to spend the rest of my life in one of Zen temples in Kyoto :P

My youngest brother Didik sent me this photo 2 days ago. He said sorry cannot come to Jakarta for the new year.


Well bro, next time you have to book the ticket very very early :)

We’ve been through hard days together during our childhood. I’m in better condition now but i think they’re still struggling, specially Budi :(

Miss them so much, wish i still have time to meet them and hangout with them more often. Ahh, now i know what my birthday wish is :)

Ok enough for today. My expense record and this last billing statements showing my last quarter financial is bad :D

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