[#31DaysOfDecember] 28 – #Room41


#Room41 is the room name in City Plaza 11th floor where I’m working. It’s a fun room, but sometimes can be troublesome when some bloody smokers start smoking inside.

They’re too dumb and stupid to obey the rule and care about the health of the other people inside. Typical smokers.

And I can say that my corner is the nicest place in the floor :) Some colleague sometimes compare my room with a kindergarten class (because i have set of colour pen – toys – etc) , sometimes it can be a lounge also and mostly is a hackerspace :P

The drawing above made by Tata. She’s around 5-6 years old, a very nice and funny little princess :) That’s a precious drawing. Planned to put it on a frame but the cleaning service took it away *@!*$)!%)

Next time I’ll ask Tata to draw again in colour :) *Towel-towel kaka Rudi and kaka Amy*


new member in the house, Fay’s Baymax :)



another drawing :)


i was in the middle of arguing with vendor when my team and my boss suddenly bring a cake inside the room. Now that’s a big surprise for me :) I keep a piece of the cake’s box.


well, it’s danbo anyway :)


hihihi ;D


a corner of #Room41, yeah we have big screen TV


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