Hello there.
Welcome to nurikidy.com

My name is Nuri Abidin, people used to call me Nuy. This blog is just simply like other personal blogs on the net. It will tell about my story, mostly. At the other hand I’m trying to share my passion in photography, travelling, technology, telecommunication as well as news about Indonesia and other stuff I like.

Most of the article here is written in Bahasa Indonesia, but I’ll try to write in English more.

About @nurikidy
Although spent around the last 15 years working at Jakarta, I still consider Malang as my hometown.
Currently Working in Telco & IT industry (*phew* it’s been 15++ years) it makes me feel that I’m already losing the fun part of it. Photography and travelling are my getaway activities now :P I’m trying to mastering my Traktor Kontrol S2 as well.

Still single and still having difficulties for sleeping at night :(

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