i will fly

You know all the things i’ve said
You know all the things that we have done
And things I gave to you
If there’s a chance for me to say
How precious you are in my life
And you know that is true

To be with you is all that I need
Coz with you my life seems brighter
and these are all the things I wanna say

I will fly into your arms
And be with you till the end of time
Why are you so far away
You know it’s very hard for me to get my self close to you

You’re the reason why I stay
You’re the one who can not believe
Our love will never end
Is it only in my dream ?[...] Read the full article

Damn IBM Thinkpad T30

Juli 6, 2004

Yah sebelum berangkat ke acaranya Pak Charles, Indrawan ngasih replacement buat IBM Thinkpad T30 kantor yang bermasalah. Wah gue sih seneng-seneng ajah, krn kasihan T22 gue harus bekerja keras merangkap jadi server mini dengan spek cuman PIII-900. Hardisk dari T30 lama diambil n dipasang ke T30 replacement.

Juli 7, 2004

WinXP-nya lelet abis, maka gue putusin buar reformat+renstall WinDOS XP nya.[...] Read the full article

Mr. Mankin’s Party and My New Blog

Pheww, today is a “lazy” day. No many activies to be done. Everything is OK.

Weekly winners for simPATI HOKIholiday programme has been generated. 1 will go to Hongkong, the other 10 will get local tour package, 40 will get digital cameras, there are still 100 travel bags and 1000 vouchers @ Rp.50.000.[...] Read the full article

euro2004.com breaks record

More than half a billion (500 million) page views and over 40 million visits have been registered on euro2004.com since the site launched on 31 March 2004 – a new record for an official EURO website. This is an increase of more than 285 per cent on the 128.8 million page views registered by euro2000.org.[...] Read the full article