[traveling] Assalamualaikum Beijing


Assalamualaikum Beijing :)

Bukan bukan, ini bukan judul film yang itu kok. Saya belum nonton filmnya apalagi baca bukunya.

Terakhir saya menginjakkan kaki di ibukota China ini sekitar tahun 2007-2008. Dan alhamdulillah, mengawali tahun 2015 ini saya berkesempatan berkunjung kembali ke sini. Well, bukan berkunjung sih tepatnya karena ini bagian dari urusan kantor bertemu dengan kolega dari China Unicom dan China Mobile.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysOfDecember] 30 – Motorist Mental


Ah shut up and i don’t give a damn with bunch of reasons you always arguing.

You guys are having mental problem and there’s only empty shell inside those helmets.

I was in the very left of the line, and yet there are still these morons in my left *speechless*. They’re blocking the road, so any vehicle will have difficulties to turn left and then they will start honking.[...] Read the full article

[#31DaysOfDecember] 28 – #Room41


#Room41 is the room name in City Plaza 11th floor where I’m working. It’s a fun room, but sometimes can be troublesome when some bloody smokers start smoking inside.

They’re too dumb and stupid to obey the rule and care about the health of the other people inside. Typical smokers.

And I can say that my corner is the nicest place in the floor :) Some colleague sometimes compare my room with a kindergarten class (because i have set of colour pen – toys – etc) , sometimes it can be a lounge also and mostly is a hackerspace :P

The drawing above made by Tata.[...] Read the full article