About Me

my vector picture courtesy of
me & my cat

People used to call me Nuy or Nuri. Just another IT guy working on fintech and telco inĀ  Indonesia.

While tech stuff (software engineering) is my daily breakfast, i do travelling also and photography. I’m more to street and documentary photography.
In my spare time I do DJ (not professionally) and cleaning up the mess my 9 kitties made at home. 

So, check me out on telegram, instagram, soundcloud, mixcloud, linkedin. Don’t hesitate to leave  me a message.  Who knows we could a collaboration on photography or travelling and maybe there are some opportunities we can work together :)

By the way, I do have a youtube channel. But It’s like unmanaged since decade ago and it’s terrible. Therefor now i’m learning videography and editing as well as tinkering with new tech stack.

my vector graphic is courtesy of Taufiq Syahrir, one of my best recruit on a fintech company i had help to build