Hi there!
My name is Nuri Abidin, people used to call my Nuy or Nuri. I’m from Indonesia, a country made of thousands of islands in the center of the equator in South East Asia. Have you heard about Bali? It’s only one of them.
I’ve been a serious [digital] photo enthusiast for about i think more than 10 years now. I’m not that good at Photoshop, therefore I always try to make things right when i press that shutter button. For the past 2 years I’m obsessed with film photography. It’s teaching me how to make photograph again and remind me of my childhood ? (we only have a Fuji DL or Olympus Mju back then). I shot many kind of genre, from nude to street photography, from landscape to fashion studio. I think I’ll stick my gear to street/journalism and traveling. Oh, I love to traveling :)
I love music but sucks at playing any music instruments ? But it’s ok, I have excuse to learn about DJ-ing. I think i’m pretty good at it.
Day to day I’m working as a telco employee, the biggest in the country. Although currently I’m in management level, being software engineer and sysadmin is always been my greatest passion.

Most of the article here is written in Bahasa Indonesia, but I’ll try to write in English more.

e-mail: nuri[dot]abidin[at]gmail[dot]com
telegram: nurikidy
instagram: nurikidy
linkedin: nuriabidin