Top Apps for My Mac

Berikut ini adalah kumpulan aplikasi yang selalu terinstall pertama kali di Mac yang saya miliki. Sebagai catatan, pekerjaan saya berkaitan erat dengan software development, photo/music editing serta DJ. Oleh karena itu aplikasi-aplikasi yang saya sebutkan di sini akan banyak terkait dengan hal-hal tersebut.

System & Utilities

  • iTerm2, alternatif: Alacritty
  • homebrew, mac user best friend ?
  • Firefox, Chrome, Brave (selain untuk testing, browser-browser ini support DNS over HTTPS (DoH) maupun DNS over TLS (DoT))
  • Moom, untuk window manager
  • Spotify
  • VLC
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I love music.
Too bad, i’m still sucks and playing any music instrument :P Karena hal tersebut, makanya saya memilih untuk nge-DJ saja.

Nah di era pandemi ini saya punya waktu luang yang sebelumnya terpakai untuk komuter dari kantor ke rumah. Kalau sebelumnya setiap Jum’at malam harus selalu berjibaku dengan kemacetan ibu kota serta padatnya KRL, waktu tersebut bisa saya gunakan buat berlatih.

Jadilah saya tiap Jum’at malam sejak sekitar kwartal pertama 2021 bikin bikin IG live. Isinya 1.5 – 2 jam live gig (kadang sampai 4 jam) saya memainkan berbagai macam genre. Yang umum saja sih semacam House, Tech House, Electro House/EDM, Trance.

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How To Install Java on Your New Java-less macOS

OK, it’s 2021 and you got new Macs. Or maybe you just finished upgrading your macOS to Catalina or Big Sur and found there is no Java anymore. This article might help you with that.

As widely known, Oracle announced that the Oracle JDK 8 builds released after JAN 2019 will not be free for commercial use. Since OS X 10.7 Java is not (pre-)installed anymore. Well, I’m not a fan of Java myself (i stop using it after Java 1.6 i guess). But since I’m also tinkering with Android (and Kafka), I have no choice but put Java in my dev machines.

Instead using Oracle’s, I will use OpenJDK.

There are several ways to install OpenJDK to your Mac.

  1. Simply install the prebuilt OpenJDK binary.
  2. Install via homebrew
  3. Compile the source codes your self :P
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Story of The Street

Story Of The Street

it’s so exciting :)

It’s a simple zine about street photography. Me along with other 17 photographers from several cities collaborate to make this zine. Each of us put around 10 photos with various story.

Some of the photos above has selected to be included in the book.

For pre-order the book, you can contact Ridho @hobby_jalankaki or WA : (+62) 812-2317-8150.

Thanks to other fellow contributor of this book.

Desk Setup Transformation Covid-19

2020 was a very very tough year for all of us. I lost my mom after years fighting with diabetic that lead to kidney failure. The global Covid-19 pandemic also put a heavy blow to the world society, economic and i think also politic.

It’s not done yet as today in 2021, but i hope it can be getting better and we’re getting smarter and wiser to make it happen.

One big change from this pandemic is how we work. Instead going to the office, most of us are required to work remotely from home. Well, it’s not applied to everybody but for people who work in IT field like me, WFH is not a new thing. I have friends that literally working remotely while traveling around the globe most of the time.

And it’s been 12+ months from March 2020 until now April 2021 i’ve been working remotely from home. Well, there was time when i’m allowed to go to the office with max team capacity 25%-50% on site. But literally i let my team work remotely full time including from their home town.

From these last 12 months, i reliazed i made quite a change in my house for WFH. From changing internet providers 3 times up until bought 4 desks and relayoutin my living room.

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How To Upgrade Your Huawei P9+ to EMUI 5 (Nougat)

This post is intended for Huawei P9/P9+ owners out there who wont give a shit anymore to Huawei for their incapability of delivering proper Android update for their own products. This method might also applicable for another Huawei smartphone series.

Big thanks for TeamMT for dedicating their time to make Hw Firmware Finder app and also people in xda-developer forum.

In order to complete this tutorial, what you need to prepare are:

  1. Patient, big one, we’re dealing with Huawei here. Therefore, your battery should be at least 80% ??
  2. Internet quota for your smartphone, big one also, we’re dealing with big size files download. Average size could be 2GB++. Fast WiFi connection will be more helpful ?
  3. Decision whether or not you will buy another Huawei phone in the future?
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