How To Install Java on Your New Java-less macOS

OK, it’s 2021 and you got new Macs. Or maybe you just finished upgrading your macOS to Catalina or Big Sur and found there is no Java anymore. This article might help you with that.

As widely known, Oracle announced that the Oracle JDK 8 builds released after JAN 2019 will not be free for commercial use. Since OS X 10.7 Java is not (pre-)installed anymore. Well, I’m not a fan of Java myself (i stop using it after Java 1.6 i guess). But since I’m also tinkering with Android (and Kafka), I have no choice but put Java in my dev machines.

Instead using Oracle’s, I will use OpenJDK.

There are several ways to install OpenJDK to your Mac.

  1. Simply install the prebuilt OpenJDK binary.
  2. Install via homebrew
  3. Compile the source codes your self :P
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FreeBSD 8 + Java = Pain in The Ass

Have you ever had any success installing a java, JDK on a FreeBSD box. Specially FreeBSD 8 RELEASE #1?

I got a headache with it.

Why FreeBSD? Dont ask me. It was just given like that i couldn't complaint nor allowed to reinstall the machine with linux.

Did almost all reading and googling but none of them seems to be working :( &R@)DF@*&TC D!@CDS(

install diablo-jdk16 OK

problem running java both jdk n jre from installed diablo-jdk16

diablo should be a boot strap to install ports java/jdk15 and java/jdk16. Both failed to install :(