Telco Indonesia 2010

Hmm, akhir 2010 kian mendekat, 3 hari lagi. Tidak berasa yah. Kali ini saya pingin nulis mengenai Telco dan turunannya di Indonesia selama tahun 2010 versi saya. Tecko juga ga lepas dari gadget (dalam hal ini ponsel). Jadi saya juga coba menyinggung sedikit mengenai tren ponsel dan mobile gadget lainnya juga yang kira-kira masih bersinggungan dengan dunia Telco.[...] Read the full article

A Day Before Christmas Day

is my birthday !!!!

See, i love making surprises for people around me. I think i have countless success on making surprises :P In the other hand, i almost make everybody mumbling when they try to surprise me :P Because i could read their plans :P

Yea I know it’s not fun, but it’s fun for me for playing Sherlock Holmes :P So they’re not fail after all.[...] Read the full article

Beautiful Failures

xmas tree at Cilandak Town Square

Quoting my photography mentor, Madia Krisnadi

“Photography is about compromise, choose 1 priority, compromise with the rest of aspects. Photography is also a matter of like and dislike. Once you dislike a picture, you’ll find thousand way to say it. ”

So, dont worry. No matter what your gear is, just shoot :)

@Starbuck fX Senayan

Starbucks fX lifecenter Senayan

Starbucks fX lifecenter Senayan


i set my LX5 to manual/apperture priority f/2.0 … usually using 1/30″ macro mode, put my cinamon roll under table (still on top of sofa actually) focus to cinamon roll, lock it then recompose to the lamps :) i use my toe to set focus in citos :P

hope you like it :)[...] Read the full article

Light Bulbs – 17 December

The focus is out of focus.

Went back from a workshop at Sukabumi. I stopped by at Starbucks in Rest Area 38 Tol Jagorawi for a cup of hot coffee . Nice interior and the lamps made a nice composition, specially when taken with intentionally out of focus like this :) Nice bokeh :p

and these :)

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

For bonus, i found a nut screwed on my front right tyre *grmbl grmbl grmbl*[...] Read the full article