Beautiful Failures

xmas tree at Cilandak Town Square

Quoting my photography mentor, Madia Krisnadi

“Photography is about compromise, choose 1 priority, compromise with the rest of aspects. Photography is also a matter of like and dislike. Once you dislike a picture, you’ll find thousand way to say it. ”

So, dont worry. No matter what your gear is, just shoot :)

@Starbuck fX Senayan

Starbucks fX lifecenter Senayan

Starbucks fX lifecenter Senayan


  • i set my LX5 to manual/apperture priority f/2.0 … usually using 1/30″
  • macro mode, put my cinamon roll under table (still on top of sofa actually)
  • focus to cinamon roll, lock it then recompose to the lamps :)
  • i use my toe to set focus in citos :P

hope you like it :)

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