Blue Tree at December 11th

Blue Tree

Stuck in the office for almost a day (yea i know it’s weekend). Bad weather outside and i havent taken any picture yet for this month project. Ewww, at lease a photo a day just for December 2010 counting down.

Finally got out around 9pm. Destination home and find a place to have dinner first. So i went to Cilandak Town Square. On second thought suddenly i wanna watch a movie also. Ok, Russel Crow‘s The Next Three Days was my choice. It’s played at  10pm, i have only 10 minutes to eat :P Finding a parking lot for your car was a bit of challenge on the weekend on there hehehehehe

There i spot the tree and took the picture from first floor, outside Score! It’s should be better picture if I used the LX5. But what can I say, the iPhone4 always on my hand.