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[#31DaysOfDecember] 28 – #Room41


We have a room called #Room41 in City Plaza 11th floor. It’s a working room, an entertainment room, a meditation room, and the worst of all it is also unofficial smoking room :(

Since i put some of my toy collection + drawing paper and some color pens in there, it’s also functioned as kindergarten room. Kang Rudy or Adhep sometimes bring their “toys” also, then it is became something like a hacker-space.

The drawing above made by Tata. She’s around 5-6 years old, a very nice and funny little princess :) That’s a precious drawing. Planned to put it on a frame but the cleaning service took it away *@!*$)!%)


my Danbo and Fay’s Baymax


i was in the middle of arguing with vendor when my team and my boss suddenly bring a cake inside the room. Now that’s a big surprise for me :) I keep a piece of the cake’s box.


well, it’s danbo anyway :)


meditating, hihihi ;D


well, meditating + entertainment room :)

[#31DaysOfDecember] 26 – Boxing Day


Long before, i knew Boxing day only as a day after Christmas (which is 26 December) where English Premier League teams should play a match. After extending my reading hobby to browser around wikipedia, it turns out to be the day (in commonwealth countries) when you open your Christmas present/gifts.

Since I’m a moslem, i think i will still use boxing day term as the time to watch my EPL team playing and perhaps opening my birthday gifts :P

Oh, thank you so much, guys :)

I’ll take the dark chocolate, you can have the other two \^_^/

[#31DaysOfDecember] 23 – Red


It’s not my fave colour actually.

But I end up having things in red :P

Just run those red lights and make your dreams come true.

[#31DaysOfDecember] 21 – For Sale

Plan to sell these gadgets.

All in good conditions and complete set with box etc, better check your self :) You can email me at nuri dot abidin at gmail dot com or Line-me/mention me in twitter @nurikidy

Nikon D600 & Nikkor Lenses

It’s hard, but I’m using my Fuji more and practically this FX Nikon only used for photo studio only. D600 will be a package with 3rd party battery grip and additional battery. Lenses are sold separately.

Fujifilm X-100s

4 continents, many immigration stamps in my passport, 1 camera. Including hoods, leather case, 2 additional batteries.

Traktor Kontrol Z1 

IDR 1.8 mio full set in very very mint condition :)

macbook air is not included :) it’s sold separately :)

last update: June 16, 2015

[#31DaysOfDecember] 19 – Haagen-Dazs Tragedy


It is raining very hard here in Jakarta.
Practically cannot go home unless i want to be completely soaking wet riding motorcycle -_-

Friday night + rain = traffic hell.
But Danbo always can make you smile :)


D: Ini buat saya? Wahhh terima kasih ^_^
— Nope, sharing
D: ….

danbo_XT1F7356D: Wah sepertinya enak
— Tentu, ini raspberry + mango

danbo_XT1F7361D: waaa, aku lhoo suka ama mango, eh raspberry saya juga mau.
— kamu ini maunya selalu banyak :)

danbo_XT1F7362D: saya mau nyobain!
— boleh
D: Yang mana dulu yah? Mango enak, raspberry enak. Waaah, enak semua
— behave, pake sendoknya. jangan maruk seperti itu. hati-hati.
D: Dih, pelit. Saya kan mo nyobain dikit. Eh agak banyak sih
— …

D: Aaaaa…. &*)$!E!$(!*^% *blebeb blebeb*
*sigh* i’ve told you…

[#31DaysOfDecember] 18 – Kompor Budaya

20141218_itjoss_xt1_8335 copy

Tanggal 18 Desember kemarin adalah kick off inisiatif Kompor Budaya untuk direktorat IT. Mengambil tema IT JOSS (Jumat Obrolan Sore Santai) -eh? kenapa hari Kamis yah jadinya?- dan bertempat di City Plaza, kami coba berkumpul untuk membuat sedikit kehebohan sekaligus break lah dari kesibukan rutinitas yang ada.

Hey, we deserve to have some fun… more often :)

Berikut ini beberapa foto yang sempat saya sambil selama acara. Ada penampilan dari masing-masing sub-direktorat yang cukup mengocok perut :D

and last, let me post a #selfie :)