[#31DaysOfDecember] 18 – Kompor Budaya

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Tanggal 18 Desember kemarin adalah kick off inisiatif Kompor Budaya untuk direktorat IT. Mengambil tema IT JOSS (Jumat Obrolan Sore Santai) -eh? kenapa hari Kamis yah jadinya?- dan bertempat di City Plaza, kami coba berkumpul untuk membuat sedikit kehebohan sekaligus break lah dari kesibukan rutinitas yang ada.

Hey, we deserve to have some fun… more often :)

Berikut ini beberapa foto yang sempat saya sambil selama acara. Ada penampilan dari masing-masing sub-direktorat yang cukup mengocok perut :D

and last, let me post a #selfie :)


Mommy, where are you?


Behind the scene


Domo The Officer: “Attention! Attention! There are 3 lost children found wandering at #Room41 looking for their parents
As you can see in this photo, for whoever responsible for them, please come to the information desk!
Soba the yellow: “Hu hu hu hu, where’s Mommy @nisademia, aunty Nohey
Brodpet the blue: “Hu hu dont leave us. We promise we will behave and doing bad things again :(”
Moshi the 3 eyes: Errr, i cant cry, my tears will wet the floor

nisademia_8415_20130531165832Danbo: “Calm down guys, no one leaving anybody. Your Mommy will be here soon”
Wall-E: “Ya, next time dont play too far and tell your parents where you’re going”

nisademia_8417_20130531170214And then Wall-E and Mommy W are playing with Soba, Brodpet and Moshi-Moshi to cheer ’em up :)

Another day at #Room41

@nisademia … oiii, itu anak-anaknya jangan ditinggalin gitu :P

Once Upon a Time at #Room41


This is the behind the scene of this story

@nurikidy - 2013

nk: Guys… what are you doing?
Domo: sssh, pssst!!
Danbo: hmmm…
Moshi-moshi: crunch crunch crunch…

@nurikidy - 2013

Domo: errr guys, by the way, what are we looking for again?
Moshi-Moshi: mama @nisademia
Wall-E: hmmm, she said she’s here at City Plaza but cant find her anywhere
Domo: so what’s about the box?
Wall-E: i’m sure she’s hiding here
Danbo: are you sure? She’s taller than pertronas and eiffel tower combined. no way she’s fit in there
Domo: WHAT?!!!!!! Arrghhhhhhh

@nurikidy - 2013hahahahaha :P

Welcome to City Plaza @nisademia
Your kids are waiting to be picked up yah :P

Happy Birthday, Ghea ^_^


i got a big release activity tonight, there’s a lot of story behind it but i’m not gonna talk about it here.

i’ve planned this since  last week, too bad i was down all day long in sunday

try to make it on monday, dont prepare enough properties, have  no time and it was also rezzy’s birthday *almost forgot*

only managed to make this for rezzy *sorry ya dek* :P

happy birthday rezzy

Those 3 little wierdos will be @nisademia ‘s sooner :) Hope they can keep her busy and forgot about homesick for a little while :p

Since i had no meetings on 28 before lunch, i could make series of instagram photos using my iphone with whatever i had on 28. The photo sequence will be like this


make some touch up on her project front page


the team is busy making and finalising the concept

[nggallery id=30]


put up the supporting cast


and finish the rest after midnight during the break of release activities *fiuh*

[nggallery id=31]


and it’s 3:20am, need to get back to office work..


Happy birthday, Ghea

Semoga cita-citanya tercapai, selalu diridhoi Allah dalam segala tindakan dan amalannya ya, dik.