[#31DaysOfDecember] 20 – Happy Decy


What is happiness?
It could be something complex but also something pretty simple.

In my case, seeing and furthermore helping people around you -your friends, your family, your loved ones- to be happy. See those smile, laughter and expressions that cant be described on their face :)

Being in a place they’ve dreamed to be,  jumping around with their fave artist or having simple dinner with a little surprise.[...] Read the full article

A Comedian Story

comedian / kuh-mee-dee-uh?n / funny person, often professional
Synonyms: jok·er/?j?k?r/ A person who is fond of joking

i like tell funny stories, jokes just to make people smile, laugh
seeing happiness in their face, giving warm in my heart
watching them sad is like taking the light away from the dark
put effort in making them happy is essential
no matter how miserable you are
even if your life is the joke itself
even if it’s your tears in exchange of their joy

it’s about the audience, not the comedian

ladies and gentlemen, smile :)
umm, since i have no video of my self dancing gangnam style, i gave you these 2 vidclips :p

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