Rainy Days in Hong Kong through an iPhone 6

So, I flew to Hong Kong couple weeks ago to do some work. For me, Hong Kong is boring since there are only bricks, buildings, shopping, density, crowded, not so nice weather (for me).

Nevertheless, there are things which make Hong Kong keep interesting. It’s density, crowded people are nice subject for street photography.[...] Read the full article

Selamat datang di iPhone & iPad, Mozilla Firefox

ffx-ios-fin2 Penantian panjang itu akhirnya berakhir. Mozilla akhirnya secara resmi merilis browser Firefox 1.2 untuk perangkat iOS yang meliputi iPhone, iPad serta iPod Touch secara global. Versi pertama dirilis sekitar bulan September 2015, tapi saat itu hanya untuk AppStore New Zealand saja. Yah, untuk test the market dulu lah. ffx-ios-4324 Fitur-fitur Firefox iOS kurang lebih sama seperti yang di desktop.[...] Read the full article

Bon retour au Paris

About a decade ago I spent almost a month at Paris. For business trip. Still remember how we rush every morning to catch trains to Anthony. Since we lived around Porte Maillot (zone 1), it need about 1 hour+ to be at Rue Jacques Rueff, Anthony (zone 4).

Around 19h afternoon, we’d be back to zone 1.[...] Read the full article