Rainy Days in Hong Kong through an iPhone 6

So, I flew to Hong Kong couple weeks ago to do some work. For me, Hong Kong is boring since there are only bricks, buildings, shopping, density, crowded, not so nice weather (for me).

Nevertheless, there are things which make Hong Kong keep interesting. It’s density, crowded people are nice subject for street photography.

But, it was raining everyday! And since i only had -literally- 1 afternoon and less then 9 hours the next day before my flight back to Jakarta, I don’t have much time to explore. Only manage to walk across Nathan road and some alley around it. Took ferry from Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island (roundtrip, twice! :P). And finally using Airport Express train from IFC mall to go airport.

These all i’ve got using my iPhone 6.

Coz the weather was sucks, i took some photos in black and white to cover it up. Geez, I didn’t even have time to take the Apple Store picture from the bridge across the IFC Mall :( (If you google “apple store hong kong ifc” you’ll know what kind of photo i’m talking about).

Oh, since i saw some people using the new Huawei P9+ on the street and one of them is kindly enough to let try the camera. I decided to get one. The black and white photos coming from its monochrome sensor were amazing, much more than my iPhone’s.

The O/S is so stable and smooth. And since it’s mimicking iOS, i need no time to get used to it.

Couple weeks after i went back to Indonesia, i put my iPhone6 on sale and going the Android route, full time.

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