Apple Live Chat Support … Speechless…

Last week I have very funny experience with Apple Live Chat Support. My iPhone 5 is having problem with the sleep/lock button (as well as many others, i think iphone4 users also having same experience but with the home button) and perhaps because of that the front camera also acting weird. It ‘crashed’ the camera app whenever you witch from rear to front camera.

Being an Apple iPhone user in Indonesia is sucks at some point. There’s no Apple Store here. What I’ve done was digging any info I can get first, then contact the apple support. I just want to know their opinion about the problem I had and ask for the Apple authorized service center.

And this all I’ve got. The officer in charge told me to GO TO an address New South Wales AUSTRALIA while I’ve explained in the first time that i live at INDONESIA. Based on the ‘zipcode’ it just 15.6km away. (*@^(!*($)%!%)$)



Apple oh apple…. speechless…

Maybe because Indonesia and Australis is next to each other, an address in NSW is all I’ve got. Otherwise I might get an address in South Africa or Boston for example where my zipcode can be used also to locate a store :)

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5 thoughts on “Apple Live Chat Support … Speechless…

  1. clara

    Hi, just wondering since I have the some problem as well. Did you get a replacement or something from Apple? :)

    1. nuri

      Hi Clara

      I did get an iPhone5 replacement from Apple
      but it took about 3 weeks here in Indonesia from The Apple Authorized Service Center for iPhone (different from Mac/iPad/iPod)
      Of course your iPhone warrant should not yet expired and it has to be purchased in Indonesia (in my case)

  2. Denny

    Same problem here. But the different is my iPhone warranty is already expired. No such iPhone distributors (MTS, SES, Trio) would like accept my IPhone and really funny that they have not acknowledge the Sleep/wake button Replacement Program. So I try to ask. IBOX, eStore and QCD. They know about the problem but unfortunately as Apple Auhtorized Service Provider they cannot do the servicing as the agreement between Apple and AASP Indonesia that they cannot do IPhone service (that is what they said). So I chat with Apple support and they are curious that why AASP in Indonesia as participating service providers can’t do the servicing. And now I stuck with my iPhone 5 that have the sleep/wake button problem.

    Any suggestion?

    1. nuri

      only SES is “handling” the iphone, other AASP ony deaing with macs, ipod, ipad

      the only way out is bringing your phone to non-AASP, it will cost you some IDR (i dont know how much), better go the one recommended by idevice community


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