[#31DaysOfDecember] 26 – Boxing Day


Long before, i knew Boxing day only as a day after Christmas (which is 26 December) where English Premier League teams should play a match. After extending my reading hobby to browser around wikipedia, it turns out to be the day (in commonwealth countries) when you open your Christmas present/gifts.

Since I’m a moslem, i think i will still use boxing day term as the time to watch my EPL team playing and perhaps opening my birthday gifts :P

Oh, thank you so much, guys :)

I’ll take the dark chocolate, you can have the other two \^_^/

[#31DaysOfDecember] 20 – Happy Decy


What is happiness?
It could be something complex but also something pretty simple.

In my case, seeing and furthermore helping people around you -your friends, your family, your loved ones- to be happy. See those smile, laughter and expressions that cant be described on their face :)

Being in a place they’ve dreamed to be,  jumping around with their fave artist or having simple dinner with a little surprise. I like (making) surprises :)

And tonight we’re having it. Simple dinner and a little not so fancy surprise for my brother Decy.

Nah, i think this is his best birthday ever. Why?
He had a wedding in his birthday, got a wife as his birthday present :P

Anyway, once again happy birthday to you, Bro.

We’ve written the wishes in the cards last night but i think it wont be enough. So wish all the best for you and your new family. We’re always be on your side.

To Beatrice, happy weeding. Nitip Decy yah :) Kami nunggu ponakan-ponakan lucu dari kalian \^_^/



Happy Birthday 07-07

once upon a time at #r41…

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“So, the card should be like this, add that, bla bla bla”

“No, it has to be like this bla bla bla”


Let’s do the Danbo way…

Happy Birthday, Tika :P


wait… heavy beard?!

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“You spelt it wrong, IDIOT!!”

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“Now do it MY WAY!!”

Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“Bee Do Bee Do, make no more mistake! Bee Do Bee Do !”

“Shut Up!!”


Happy Birthday, Tika :P

“Happy birthday Tikaaaaaaaaa”

wait.. i think there’s something not right in that picture…

tika_20130708142040-arrgghhWell, what Domo did after that is not appropriate to put in here….

as seen on www.jirolu.net…

Happy Birthday, Ghea ^_^


i got a big release activity tonight, there’s a lot of story behind it but i’m not gonna talk about it here.

i’ve planned this since  last week, too bad i was down all day long in sunday

try to make it on monday, dont prepare enough properties, have  no time and it was also rezzy’s birthday *almost forgot*

only managed to make this for rezzy *sorry ya dek* :P

happy birthday rezzy

Those 3 little wierdos will be @nisademia ‘s sooner :) Hope they can keep her busy and forgot about homesick for a little while :p

Since i had no meetings on 28 before lunch, i could make series of instagram photos using my iphone with whatever i had on 28. The photo sequence will be like this


make some touch up on her project front page


the team is busy making and finalising the concept

[nggallery id=30]


put up the supporting cast


and finish the rest after midnight during the break of release activities *fiuh*

[nggallery id=31]


and it’s 3:20am, need to get back to office work..


Happy birthday, Ghea

Semoga cita-citanya tercapai, selalu diridhoi Allah dalam segala tindakan dan amalannya ya, dik.


Gratisan di Ulang Tahun Google Play, Yeyy

infographics_130306_019_jm6 Maret kemarin Google Play merayakan ulang tahun pertamanya. Yayyyy, met ulang tahuunnnnn. Makan-makannn. Eh?

Google Play ini adalah rebranding dari Android Market yang diluncurkan Google tahun 2008 lalu. Rivalnya Apple AppStore. Maksud dari rebranding ini buat memperluas jangkauan si storenya supaya ga hanya jualan aplikasi android tapi juga ke media lain dan penggunaan appnya diluar mobile OS. *hint, chromebook, eBooks, musik*

Google menyebutkan sekarang ada lebih dari 5 juta eBooks di Google Play, tahun kemarin masih 4 juta. Soal musik, mereka punya lebih dari 18 juta track. Cukup banyak, Amazon sekarang punya sekitar 19 juta, sementara iTunes di angka 30 juta track.

Total jumlah apps di Google Play sudah setara dengan AppStore sekitar 700ribu dengan lebih dari 25 MILYAR download. Google juga menyebutkan ada sekitar 500 JUTA perangkat Android yang sudah teraktifasi dengan rata-rata 1.3juta aktifasi per-harinya.

Nah terkait ulang tahun Google Play ini walo ga ada acara makan-makan buat kita, Google menawarkan diskonan bahkan gratisan untuk app, game ma konten lainnya.

Ada diskon buku cukup $5 saja, rental film cukup 99 cent, dan beli majalah-majalah tertentu cukup bayar $1. Ini belum termasuk beberapa konten TV yang dikasih gratis seerti “Breaking Bad“, “Community”  dan “Justified“.

Game gratisan juga banyaaakkk. Langsung ke sini saja yah

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