Mommy, where are you?


Behind the scene


Domo The Officer: “Attention! Attention! There are 3 lost children found wandering at #Room41 looking for their parents
As you can see in this photo, for whoever responsible for them, please come to the information desk!
Soba the yellow: “Hu hu hu hu, where’s Mommy @nisademia, aunty Nohey
Brodpet the blue: “Hu hu dont leave us. We promise we will behave and doing bad things again :(”
Moshi the 3 eyes: Errr, i cant cry, my tears will wet the floor

nisademia_8415_20130531165832Danbo: “Calm down guys, no one leaving anybody. Your Mommy will be here soon”
Wall-E: “Ya, next time dont play too far and tell your parents where you’re going”

nisademia_8417_20130531170214And then Wall-E and Mommy W are playing with Soba, Brodpet and Moshi-Moshi to cheer ’em up :)

Another day at #Room41

@nisademia … oiii, itu anak-anaknya jangan ditinggalin gitu :P