Once Upon a Time at #Room41


This is the behind the scene of this story

@nurikidy - 2013

nk: Guys… what are you doing?
Domo: sssh, pssst!!
Danbo: hmmm…
Moshi-moshi: crunch crunch crunch…

@nurikidy - 2013

Domo: errr guys, by the way, what are we looking for again?
Moshi-Moshi: mama @nisademia
Wall-E: hmmm, she said she’s here at City Plaza but cant find her anywhere
Domo: so what’s about the box?
Wall-E: i’m sure she’s hiding here
Danbo: are you sure? She’s taller than pertronas and eiffel tower combined. no way she’s fit in there
Domo: WHAT?!!!!!! Arrghhhhhhh

@nurikidy - 2013hahahahaha :P

Welcome to City Plaza @nisademia
Your kids are waiting to be picked up yah :P