2 weeks before new year

Wooo, it’s been a week i’m not blogging :)

Got a photography workshop last weekend, half day photo session at Kota tua on Sunday.

3 days workshop at Jakarta. Pretty busy for the end of 2010 :)

Haven’t take many pictures, but here they are.

Usual place, Sudirmara Train station on Monday morning. I got nice lines in the picture from the train, the roof, border line on the floor :P


I Love Sushi!!

It’s my lunch (opening menu actually :P) during 3 days workshop at JW Marriot :P *yummy*

The Dark Cloud

Jakarta’s weather is not so nice last couple weeks. You can see the dark cloud behind Mall Ambassador building overthere. I took this picture from JW Marriot toilet :P

I’ll make post about photo session and my new Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. It’s cheap lens, and a superb one :)

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