FreeBSD 8 + Java = Pain in The Ass

Have you ever had any success installing a java, JDK on a FreeBSD box. Specially FreeBSD 8 RELEASE #1?

I got a headache with it.

Why FreeBSD? Dont ask me. It was just given like that i couldn't complaint nor allowed to reinstall the machine with linux.

Did almost all reading and googling but none of them seems to be working :( &R@)DF@*&TC D!@CDS(

install diablo-jdk16 OK

problem running java both jdk n jre from installed diablo-jdk16

diablo should be a boot strap to install ports java/jdk15 and java/jdk16. Both failed to install :(

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2 thoughts on “FreeBSD 8 + Java = Pain in The Ass

  1. Back in FreeBSD 4, installing java has always been frustrated.  I've managed to install in 7.2 successfully *cross finger* but hast offload it yet with real java apps.

    Nice article you wrote Z. Thx

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