Desk Setup Transformation Covid-19

2020 was a very very tough year for all of us. I lost my mom after years fighting with diabetic that lead to kidney failure. The global Covid-19 pandemic also put a heavy blow to the world society, economic and i think also politic.

It’s not done yet as today in 2021, but i hope it can be getting better and we’re getting smarter and wiser to make it happen.

One big change from this pandemic is how we work. Instead going to the office, most of us are required to work remotely from home. Well, it’s not applied to everybody but for people who work in IT field like me, WFH is not a new thing. I have friends that literally working remotely while traveling around the globe most of the time.

And it’s been 12+ months from March 2020 until now April 2021 i’ve been working remotely from home. Well, there was time when i’m allowed to go to the office with max team capacity 25%-50% on site. But literally i let my team work remotely full time including from their home town.

From these last 12 months, i reliazed i made quite a change in my house for WFH. From changing internet providers 3 times up until bought 4 desks and relayoutin my living room.

  • April 2020

I literally did have a “working” desk previously. There was only a small coffee table nex to the couch. It was OK in the first week, but the pandemic wont last for 1-2 weeks and i need proper table for typing on my little Macbook 12″. So i bought a small “laptop desk”. IDR 250k something.

My desk on April 2020
My desk on April 2020
Point of view from my desk
Point of view from my desk, my old LG TV
overall view of my living room
Overall view of my living room

So the coffe table is at the left side of the couch and Misty use to sleep on there as well as using it as ladder to climb on the couch and to my shoulder. Misty is a blind stray kitten i found outside my house. Other kitties used to join me on the couch while i’m watching TV, but it’s now kind of annoying and distracting since i had to work.

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[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 6 – Animal


I’m good with cats, back in my childhood i was surrounded by cats. Sometimes my mom got upsets because suddenly too many cats at home and everything got messy :P Sorry, Mom.

I really want to have one as pet but then i choose not to. Just being realistic, leaving home at 6-7am and back at 10pm or more is bad for pets. I won’t able to take care of them properly and afraid they’ll just end up die because of that.

So, I just ‘hang out’ with stray cats around my house. ¬†Matter of fact, there are too many cats in the neighbourhood and i can say that 99 of them are not pets.

Whenever I went home at night, i used to bring food for me. A little portion for the cats. Feeding and patting them and play throw food for a while kind of make me relax :) First there’s only one, and then another one and another one. My house will be a cats basecamp someday *arrghhh*

I call this one ‘Ndut’, it kind of angry because I was playing with the food instead of just give it to them like usually :P

Taken using Nikon D90 with 50/1.8 wide open. Well, sometimes you have to make the moment to be captured by your camera :D