[#31DaysOfDecember] Day 6 – Animal


I’m good with cats, back in my childhood i was surrounded by cats. Sometimes my mom got upsets because suddenly too many cats at home and everything got messy :P Sorry, Mom.

I really want to have one as pet but then i choose not to. Just being realistic, leaving home at 6-7am and back at 10pm or more is bad for pets. I won’t able to take care of them properly and afraid they’ll just end up die because of that.

So, I just ‘hang out’ with stray cats around my house. ¬†Matter of fact, there are too many cats in the neighbourhood and i can say that 99 of them are not pets.

Whenever I went home at night, i used to bring food for me. A little portion for the cats. Feeding and patting them and play throw food for a while kind of make me relax :) First there’s only one, and then another one and another one. My house will be a cats basecamp someday *arrghhh*

I call this one ‘Ndut’, it kind of angry because I was playing with the food instead of just give it to them like usually :P

Taken using Nikon D90 with 50/1.8 wide open. Well, sometimes you have to make the moment to be captured by your camera :D