Jirachi, The Wishmaker

Last night, i watched this movie. Pokemon Jirachi: The Wishmaker on my laptop. The sixth Pokémon feature may well rank as the most satisfying entry in the series because the filmmakers avoid the overblown threats of the earlier films.

Ash and Brock are joined not by Misty, but by May and her little brother Max, on a trip to a festival. Butler the magician and his assistant Diane introduce them to Jirachi, a wish-granting Pokémon that emerges every thousand years, when the Millennium Comet appears in the sky.

Max and Jirachi quickly bond. Butler tries to exploit the energy Jirachi receives from the comet to regenerate an extinct Pokémon. He accidentally creates a monster that Ash, Max, and Jirachi have to defeat, but it’s not the kind of world-threatening menace that throw the previous Pokémon features out of balance. I always like all series of Pokemon Movie. Hehehehehehehe, there’s so many cute creatures inside. And when you heart pikachu screaming, mumbling, talking to another pokemons … hehehehehe the voice is so cute :P

This DVD comes with extras, including “Gotta Dance!”, involving Meowth and a magical wand that makes Pokemon dance to “Polka O Dolka” (Japanese name). Can Pikachu and friends save the captured Whismur, and themselves at the same time? It’s funny watching them run after each other and then suddenly stop to dance together and after that they start chasing each other again :P

Also, the DVD contains a music video of “Make a Wish”, the ending song, which is sung by Asuca Hayashi. She sang “Chiisaki Mono”, which is the ending song for the Japanese version of “Jirachi Wish Maker”. Cool song




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