Green PC

Hehehehehe, my pc at office just turn to “green“.

Last night after finishing some stuff I watched Daniel “Odong” playing Ragnarok. Such a boring game for me, and I had nothing to do but watching him playing. I try to install Visio 2003 service pack 1 on my T30 but it took too much time. Pathetic.

So I decided to do something with my Dell PC. Only GX110 hehehe PIII 700. I start installing SuSE Linux 9.1 just like what I had on my T22. Everything went well, completely no errors during installation. And after that, I still have time to make some update direct to SuSE Germany. And applying Visio 2003 process at my T30 has no progress, even it’s been restarted twice. Pathetic ….

Hehehehe, now people is amazed watching my new desktop. The themes is dominated by green color (SuSE’s trademark color). Execept poorly font collection everything is OK. Playing music, VCD, mail, browsing, compose document, reading pdf, Yahoo Messenger even using cdwriter for burning data :)

Once more, it’s free and it’s virus free heuhueuehehueuhe :P

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