May it be …..

It’s been a while since my last post … ummm well it’s more than a month ago :D hehehehehehe. Ok ok, I wont talkin ’bout soccer anymore. We knew germany couldnt make to the final like 4 years ago. The Italian won the cup for the 4th time with a controversion heading by the best player of the tournament and so on.

Actually I did want to keep update that world cup posts daily through the final. But what could I say, I couldnt make it. There’s a lot of things holding me up for doin that. Works, personal stuff, and many others. I realized that I’m getting stress in the level that I’ve never felt before. Not even President of Republic of Indonesia with his SMS stuff could make me feel like that.

Well it’s another story :)
See, last year I’ve rejected an offer to go South Korea (from ministry of something that I forgot the name :P). It’s related with mobile content development. Yeah, I know I’ve should taken it. But I couldn’t. I got priorities need to be done first. I was getting so close to finish my college which was already way behind schedule :P Also had some projects running that I was not supposed to leave without finishing ’em completely. And yes, I had to rejected it. It was a very good oportunity and I do hope I’ll get another in the future.

And it seems my pray got answered :D It’s not South Korea this time but still in East Asia. I can write much about that right now. It’s not settled yet, but it is …. ummm what should i call it?
Being done ?
I need to finish and prepare many things for that. You know, paperworks in this country is sucks. Yeah, we’re being sucked up by bureaucracy in Indonesia almos everywhere you go. And I hope I will get over it sooner… away from corrupted government officers, stress, polution, traffic jam, etc etc etc etc. Hmm, I’m not sure I wont see traffic jam or fresh air there. But who cares? I’m stuck now, facing a dead end, a culdesac. I need new changes, new environment, new style.

Pheww … why didnt I take Mandarin class like Budi and Vera did couple months ago….
QRP@GR_@*$^_%RG@*RG_@R *yawn* … Hmmm, what am I writing about ? Never mind, it’s past 1 am. I might be sleep walking anyway :P I just dont wanna spent another 2 years watching fish in the fishpond which I dont have. Years of insomnia and I’m affraid it’s coming back now.

Now, with my Zen Neeon connected to Altec, I hope Enya & Kitaro will help me to sleep again.

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

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