A year already

Ok, tough choice ..
Japan or Europe ..
Been in Europe … ummm just France actually, zoom in .. only Paris …
but 3 weeks in Paris was an unforgettable memories :P

Japan, i really wanna go there, but never had a chance. Huhuhuhu, already made list, things must buy in Japan. Let me see, Gundam collections :P

By the way, been a year ago I came to Hongkong :) Unlike last year, a trough of low pressure is bringing showers to the south China coastal areas and the northern part of the South China Sea.

At 2 p.m., Typhoon Fitow was centred about 660 kilometres south of Tokyo. It is forecast to ove north-northwest at about 14 kilometres per hour in the general direction of eastern Japan. And it’s gonna be cloudy with showers in the next couple of days.

Hatchooo!!! I think I’m having a bit of a cold. Eww …
But good news is I can come home to Malang this year :) Well only for 3-4 days, but it’s enough.

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