Travelling to KL

Well, I’m going to KL for short vacation :D
Me and Decy and some friends have made plan that this year we will backpacking outside Indonesia. And since about … err 3 months ago we’ve arranged everything. Plane ticket done, hotel voucher done … but from 5 people, only me and Decy will go travelling. Arrgghhhh the other 3 are just sux :P

3 months ago we decide to go to KL, because we’re boring with Singapore :P Ahahahahahahaha. Not really like that. It’s more because we had a cheap plane ticket fare to KL using Air Asia , and fortunatelly we also managed to book a hotel in Chinatown area. Hotels in Bukit Bintang area are fully booked. Pheww…

Well, packing is done but I need to recheck it again because this morning I thought I lost my wallet. I’m affraid it’s a bad sign … thank God I just forgot where to put it last night (after 1 hour stress looking for it all over the house :P)

I hope we will have nice weather there for taking pictures (plan to go to Malacca also)
And then not beathen up by those uneducated pasukan RELA for no reason. We’re tourists, not illegal immigrants :P

dah ah … :)

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Hi, i am Nuri. Just another IT guy working on fintech and telco at Jakarta, Indonesia. While tech stuff became my daily breakfast, i also love to travel around the globe and taking photos also. I DJ on my spare time (not professionally) while dealing with a mess my 9 cats made at home :)

2 thoughts on “Travelling to KL

  1. iyah sih mas iman,
    tapi untunglah ga nemu mereka segelintirpun :P
    mungkin karena masih libur raya + xmas + taon baru :)

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