Half baked dynamite

@poke sushi – pondok indah.
My first time tasting poke sushi menu. Just roll (maki), and it’s kind of … so-so.
For this kind of fushion style japanese roll, i still prefer and recommend Sushigroove.
I dont eat sushi today :p

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3 thoughts on “Half baked dynamite

  1. kyaaaa
    sushi lagi.. eh tp gpp dink, ga makan kan? :D

    gambar ini bukan di take pake D40 kan?

  2. gemana mo makan
    poke sushi-nya sux tuh pelayanannya.
    sebelumnya sih mo ajakin si koala ke sushigroove, tapi ebuset antriannya panjang bener. kita ajah ada di nomor belasan kali … sementara dah laper
    kalo poto online pake n73 ajah, jepret-kirim-muncul deh di blog :)

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