[Jim Geovedi] The Hacker has been compromised

Tadinya mau dikasih title "The Eagle has Landed", tapi kok kayanya ga cocok dengan karakter yang bersangkutan. Hehehehehehehe.

Hari ini seorang rekan, seorang IT security troublemaker, mengakhiri masa lajangnya. Menyunting sang wanita pujaan hatinya.
Entah kebetulan atau emang diskenariokan seperti itu, today is also the groom’s birthday.

So, To Jim Geovedi and Yolanda Fox

Warmest wishes to both of you, for all the happines your hearts can hold.
Congratulation :)

To Jim,

met ultah ye, mok! :P

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2 thoughts on “[Jim Geovedi] The Hacker has been compromised

  1. ini sebelon berangkat tadi, mok
    abis ini mesti sunting beberapa poto acara kawinan tadi

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