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kocak banget hari ini ngeliat Wulunk tergopoh-gopoh panik to my desk coz of a university at Palembang :P

Besok, ceritanya mereka (TheUniversity XXXXX) mo launching program SMS Kampus kerja sama dengan Telkomsel pake nomor 7890. Tapi aplikasi di sana ga siap sama sekali. Ancur deh. Maunya make protokol HTTP untuk post request ke sana buat ngelihat hasil ujian SPMBnya. Tapi yang disediain bukannya response handler malah sebuah html form. Nah, gemana mo nyambung. Masa SMS Kampus tapi harus entry dulu ke html form ? Udah gitu form processornya error pula karena sintaks-sintaks PHP nya pada ngaco. Oh iya, ceritanya mereka pake PHP :p

Wulunk dengan setengah senewen nahan gemes nelpon ke contact person-nya ngasih tahu they should do this and this and that. No form, only response handler, all http parameters will be submitted by HTTP GET or HTTP POST. Then the contact person asking back to Wulunk “What is HTTP Paramater ?”

*BANG* If Wulunk did not remember that he’s using my phone, probably he’ll smashed the phone to the wall. Huheuhueuehueheheuhueheue. I ask him who’s the person he’s calling and he said that that person is the admin, the web admin. And I laugh loudly making Wulunk more stress :P

OK, stop joking :P We could just pretend to ack that we knew nothing, it’s their side. Our system is OK, their system is completely awfull. So, who cares. But we’re not like that. Telkomsel is not like that. They are our customer, so we try to help them as much as we can :P After talking bla bla bla bla for couple minutes, Wulunk said it’s hopeless. So it’s my turn.

I sent the PIC (Person In Charge) a logic sample using PHP. Yes, it’s hopeless coz he’s only copy paste the code and include his own code (which was “amburadul”). Doesn’t work.
I sent another code with real PHP code, there’s no logic stament like:

if condition is true then
execute your function
display error message

But I made a classical type by missing “;“. Wulung call him to fix it, add “;” on line X please (if he copy paste 100% without modifying anything). But again, it’s hopeless….
Then we ask, are we allowed to access their machine for just 5 minutes to fix it. He said he know nothing about it. Everybody is on training including the programmer the admin. Did i mention that he’s also an admin before ? :P~ Wulunk gave up.

Fortunatelly, they sent me their code before. Yeah it messed up. I just need the SQL statement and create a db simulator. After finishing the complete code, with no typo, 100% works then we sent it again to TheUniversity XXXXX.

Error …. coz they haven’t fill the username and password for accessing the database yet. Wulunk call him again to fix it. Thank God, he could do it properly :P We try to post a request and we get the correct response. OK, it’s time to try with the real deal. We sent SMS using their keyword, and we got connection error. What the hell !! After tracing the log file, it said that UNSRI has change the URL so the previous URL that they’ve given us was not valid anymore. Yeah right, changing/modifying the most important patr without notification ….

Wulunk call him again and asking for that. TheUniversity XXXXX said the XXXX.php file has changed to YYYY.php file. YYYY.php not exist. Pheww … YYYY.php changed to ZZZZ.php, it’s also not exist. Wulunk has no word to say anymore. They he’s told that the file has been changed to index.php which is also not exist. It’s stupid when you enable the directory browsing without index file at your webserver and they did it. There’s no index.php, only index_x.php and other php files. But finally, maybe after hear what i said behind Wulunk, the file we’re looking for suddenly appear ….

Horeeeeeeeeee…. Wulunk took a deep breath.
SMS OK, reponse OK, charging OK. Technical part has been tested OK. Well, I hope they wont do anything stupid like changing the URL without notify us again or changing the code.
Then I asked Wulunk
“Wulunk, did I get additional salary for the code I’ve made for them ?”
Wulunk only said with sad face and voice
“Please deh …….”


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