Remember this one ?

For you, who was born before 1985. Do you still remember the character below ?

He is ALF.
Alf was one of my fave tv show. This tv show was a comedy series about an arrogant, furry alien from the planet Melmac who crashed into the Tanner family‘s garage. They agreed that he could live with them if he stayed hidden from the rest of planet Earth. They named him Alf, an acronym for “Alien Life Form” and the Tanners constantly had to bail him out of trouble. Alf left Melmac because it blew up.

His home planet Melmac was made of Melmac. (So what exactly is Melmac anyway ? huehuehueheuuhee )

Alf’s name is Gordon Shumway.

His heart is located in his ear.

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