Metro TV’s Midnight Live

I’m watching MetroTV’s Minight Live Talkshow when writing this. The topic is about Indonesian Porn Movies Industry. Wow. Really, it’s new for me. OK, there’s a hot news about the newest “VCD Porno” from Bandung (again) this month. You can find the news almost on every media. internetet, radio, tv etc.

Wow, what can i say? I thought those movies (Indonesian XXX movie) were homemade movies. You know, couples want to documented their “action” but when they want to transfer from analog format (Hi-8, MiniDV) to digital (VCD/DVD) problems came up. The movie that supposed to be personal collection suddenly went to public.

But, this is a commercial movie gitu lho :P Indonesian commercial porn movies. Busyettt, i just knew it today. This is the topic that missed from Emka’s Jakarta’s Undercover series :P Heuheuheuheuhuheue

So, how’s the bussiness work ?

Based on the talk show, there’s a producer. Who also became a director, story maker, cameramen, editor. He (mostly men :P) plan everything. Budget, place, script (if it’s needed. Is it ?) and “casting” the players.

Then the players. It’s easy to get the male player, finding the female player is more difficult. The girls usually a pro, i mean they’ve worked in the XXX business before. Like call girl, street hooker etc. Of course they should have good looking, nice body and so on. Age 17-25. The guest of the show said that she’s been doing that since 17 years old.

Filming process. Located in hotel or villa. It took 3-4 hours for taking the scenes. 4 hours ? Well, sometime they also need to re-take the scene :P Medicines are used to keep the players “stay on track”.

Marketing. After finish editing, the producer sell to distributor. Of course it’s a big player which has strong back up from you know who :P The distributor then make the copies and distributed to the market.

Geez …. It’s scary but that’s reality. Now i’m thinking about the future i’m gonna face.Someday when i have family, have kids, how can i protect them from these kind of social-ethic-moral disease ? I have to put them in good neighbourhood, give the proper education about everything etc etc etc. Waaaaaaaaa….

That’s it. I change the channel to Anteve. Barcelona vs Jubilo Iwata is much more interesting for me. Barcelona still leading 3-0 by 2 goals from Henrik Larsson and 1 from Luis Garcia. For me, there are 2 great soccer players with amazing skill. Dribling, shooting, agility, free kick etc. Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho.

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