Last night I watched this movie on my Laptop. Windstruck, a korean movie. A light romantic-comedy movie that I recommend you to watch. If you have watched another korean movie “My Sassy Girl” (2001), you’ll find similarities inside Windstruck. Within a short period of four weeks, Windstruck had garnered a box office of 2,229,000 admissions, and become one of the top four domestic movies of the year. It is no wonder that the show would be a big hit, especially since the director is none other than Kwak Jae-yong, who was responsible for the success of the 2001 hit, My Sassy Girl. Also, the main stars — Jeon Ji-hyun, one of the most popular actresses in Korea and Asia and up-and-coming actor Jang Hyuk — contributed to its success.

Waaaaa, Jeon Ji-Hyun !!! She’s so cuteeeee :)

OK, the movie starts with an acoustic version of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. This movie made in 2004, but that song is not performed by Avril Lavigne, like I thought before :P It’s performed by a female korean singer. Ji-Hyun, standing at the top of a building, attempting to commit suicide, with Jang Hyuk as the background narrator. It then moves on to a flashback and switches to a narrative mode to tell the story of the preceding events which eventually lead to the opening scene. Ji-Hyun play as police officer Yeo Kyung-jin, pretends to be a tough policewoman, but she is not very competent at first. One day, while pursuing a mugger, she picks up the wrong guy. It turns out that Go Myung-woo (Jang Hyuk), a newly hired physics teacher at an all-girls’ high school, was actually chasing the mugger. He is soon cleared and released.

Soon Myung-woo returns to the police station as part of a program in which teachers help officers patrol the streets at night. Guess what? He teams up with – surprise, surprise – Kyung-jin, and the two have a chance to get closer. A series of scenes designed for comic relief follow, and a couple of them seem to work. Funny actions begun. Kyung-jin beat up a bunch of kids on the street, blew up undercover cop operation, stuck together in handcuff, etc.

Soon they became lover. Unfortunately, Windstruck has sad ending (some of the scene remind of Demi Moore’s Ghost). That’s the difference between Windstruck and My Sassy Girl. But the thing that disturbing me is the appareance of Cha Tae-hyun in the end of movie. Myung-woo told Kyung-jin that someday she will met the guy who has his soul. And she finally meet him at the train station. But why Tae-hyun ??? It’s so mixed up coz Tae-hyun is the dumb guy at My Sassy Girl :P That’s why i think that Windstruck is My Sassy Girl 2 hehehehehehehe.

Nevermind, I love to watch Jeon Ji-Hyun :)

Jeon Ji-Hyun (see? she’s so cute) and Jang Hyuk

stuck in handcuff

Kyung-jin visiting Myung-woo when he’s teaching.
Kyung-jin and Myung-woo touring to mountain

Kyung-jin save Myung-woo when their jip slide and jump to the river.
Kyung-jin meet Myung-woo, her vision when she’s dying coz of a gun shot

Those are the screen shots and last but not least, these are the pics of Jeon Ji-Hyun



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