These Days

I was walking around, just a face in the crowd
Trying to keep myself out of the rain
Saw a vagabond king wear a styrofoam crown
Wondered if I might end up the same
There’s a man out on the corner, singing old songs about change
Everybody got their cross to bare, these days

Seminggu ini menyebalkan banget, boring n nyebelin. Orang-orang kerjanya payah, pada semaunya sendiri. Seakan-akan mereka tuh ndoro-ndoro yang sok berkuasa. Segala sesuatu kalo ga diserahkan pada ahlinya untuk ditangani emang pasti akan berantakan. Sama juga dengan satu bagian di ktr yang ditinggal pindah salah satu personilnya ke bagian lain. Berantakan, jadwal ga jelas, ribet n ribut sendiri internal mereka, flow ga jelas bahkan maunya apa juga ga jelas. Yang lebih parah dengan segala ketidak jelasan itu pada minta cepet. Membantu mencari kejelasan akan mau mereka ajah dah takes time.

Know about manythings is so good for you, but sometime it is also sucks. When people think you can do this, you know that, you’re able to bla bla bla, then prepare your self. Some of the thoughts are corrects, but some of them not. The worst part is when you have to do the part that you’re not suppose to do just because you know, you can and you’re good at it, and you got nothing from it. Blah!

These days – the stars seem out of reach
But these days – there ain’t a ladder on the streets
These days – are fast, love don’t last in this graceless age
Even innocence has caught the midnight train

Plan to go to Mangga Dua on Tuesday was canceled. So I went there yesterday with Pii and Martono. Bought addtional RAM for the f******g IBM T30, bought my girl DVD Game The SIMS 2, One Piece Box Set 6, Inuyasha The Movie 3, Inuyasha volume 31-37, Get Backers 1-25, Gundam Seed Special Editions. I want to buy a pair of webcam but unfortunatelly there’s no more money in my pocket :P

Today i cleand up my room. Re-arrange everything specially papers, my dvds and comics collection. Why there’s many ants in my room. I hate ants….

Now I got headache … ughh. Need to relax and watching Inuyasha …. :)

These days – the stars seem out of reach
But these days – there ain’t a ladder on the streets
These days – are fast, nothing last
There ain’t no time to waste
There ain’t nobody left to take the blame
There ain’t nobody left but us these days
Ain’t nobody left but us these days

These Days – Bon Jovi

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