Mango Tragedy

I woke up today in the middle of the night, 00.45am … I feel no headache anymore after took medicine hours before. I feel so thirsty, so i went to kitchen. After drinking 4 glasses of water from refrigerator make my throat feeling better. Then i saw mangoes.

I haven’t eat mangoes in these last few months. Mangga muda … nyam nyam nyam. I found no salt, so i plan to eat it just with ketchup cap Bango (advertising :P). And that the tragey begun.

Is it me for not being carefull or is it my bad day ? I thought it’s both of them. I got cut by my fruit knife when making the last slices.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my left thumb was cut so bad. Blood everywhere, on the floor, on my trunks, tissues and almost cover my left hand. I know there’s no betadine in the house, nor bandage and alcohol to clean up the wound. I have to stop the beeding immediately and clean up the wound.

Think fast. A bowl of hot water, a clean handkerchief, tissues, ice blocks. handkerchief+hot water to clean up the wound and blood from my hand. Ice to also for cleaning the wound but i hope it can “freeze” the blood stream and stop the bleeding. It worked, but it also made me scream when those ice blocks touch the wound for the first time, 2nd time, 3rd time. Martono woke up and saw my wound.

Yeah yeah , my thumb was cut about 1.5cm, quite deep, what so good about it? Help me up bro. I crush the ice blocks into pieces, put it on my handkerchief and tie it up around my thumb. One last scream :P

Huhu hu hu hu hu hu …. :(

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