Hehehehehe :P

Umm, i’m not a romantic person (at least not the one you see on movies or read on books :P ). I have my own way to show my love to my girl. I’m not able to say or wrote beauitful words properly but once i try to do it, it just make her laugh. That’s it, i can make her laugh. I like to watch her smiling, laughing and feeling happy. Well i guest that’s the point. What is the use of sweet romantic words, action if you couldn’t make her happy ?

Well, something we need to be romantic but that’s not the top list of priority :) How to keep you relationship going well, make good commucation are the big deals. I like making surprise. So far my girl happy with all my surprises :P

Last week I did it again… hehehehehehehe
I called her on afternoon and said “Honey, i’m here in Makassar. I’m still at the airport right now”
She speechless for couple minutes, and start being “angry” and “mad” with me coz i never tell her anything about going to Makassar before :P Hihihihihi, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if i told her before :P Then we had dinner couple hours later.

I hope that lil surprise can be an oasis at the desert

yow, is it the the steak or me make you act like that ? :P huehuehueuehue

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