Leaving Nanjing this afternoon. Arrive at Beijing, -2 celcius outside the airport. Well still OK.
Go straight to A Fun Ti for dinner and watching show from Xinjiang people. It’s Friday, traffic jam is everywhere. No much different with Jakarta :P
Lucky got table in the restaurant and order some Xinjiang food. It’s crowded inside. Maybe because it’s Friday night, weekend. So ppl choose to spent the night in restaurant or other similar places along with their friends.
The food was so good, the show also. Start from traditional music, kungfu and very very pretty dancers :P Lucky me, i brought Decy’s handycam with me so i could take some shoots :P One of the pretty dancer try to put a big snake in my shoulder. HUaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I hate any kind of reptils. Please.
So an old mand win the prize, going to the stage with the pretty snake dancer and got Xinjiang hat + tshirt :P
Went to hotel around 10pm. one hour later i went outside with Yuan Chen, Hu Sin and Aang for a walk. Getting colder and windy in the street … brrrrrrr, -6 in a sudden. Huaaaaaa, forgot to bring scarf but thanks to my ‘astronout’ jacket for keeping me alive :P

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