Shenzhen The Series: Day #1

Like usually, flying with Cathay Pacific is always good. Nice food, nice flight attendants.
Arrive on Hongkong around 2pm local time. After finishing all imigration stuff, got into the bus and continue the trip to Shenzhen. It took around 90-120 minutes. First stop in Hongkong border Immigration.

Next stop is China-Shenzhen Immigration … 180 degree different from Hongkong. Phew .. old building, queue line messed up, and public toilet which can make you die just by its smell. There is a joke … if you can smell the very very very very bad odour from public toilet .. then you’re already in China mainland. Welcome :P

Shenzhen,first time here. I thought it will be another cities in China i’ve visited before, but it isnt. Old city industry.

We arrive at ZTE University around 5pm. Little bit cold, but it is nice weather actually. People in my groups start mumbling about the university location. They felt being placed in somekind of remote area. Middle of nowehere (no mall and place like that in radius 2km :P). I dont have problem with it. I’ll just stay in Hongkong if it just for mall/shopping area. I need to learn about signalling and SMSC here.

Had dinner on 6pm, meet some guys from Iraq and Tajikistan who also have training here. Went back to hotel room and try the internet connection.

I’m impressed. Very very impressed.
For company like ZTE, the internet connection was totally and completely SUCKS!!!!!


Well, i got my dashboard written in chinesse characters :P

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