Shenzhen The Series: Day #2

Well, ZTE place actually is nice. Except the fact that is far away from downtown (+/- 25km), some people might feel a little bit isolated. Specially thos old babies …. *sigh*

Training start with introduction to GSM technology and then continue to the introduction of SMSC. Dont ask the trainer to have well english speaking skill like Hongkong people, but so far we can follow him. Most of :P

There are some terms and understanding that have been mixed up. We need to ask the trainer to make reference of every term he used with ITU, 3GPP and standards from other international telecommunication group.

Finally, we went to downtown. Get to know with the real life in Shenzhen. Yes, it is a busy and crowded city. My chinesse friend Yuan Cheng took us to a restaurant for dinner. Nice food, at least I eat 2 bowls of noodles + vegetables + chicken + fish :P He made fat every time i went to China with him.

Good news, internet connection is getting better today :) Horeeeee
Just finish testing voicechat via Y!M with Derry and my lovely girl Rara. Have no problem talking with Derry’s Y!M, but couldn’t do the same with Rara’s :(

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