Me, Blogger and Multiply

If blogging is considered as writing an online journal, then I’ve started years ago since I knew how to build a webpage using HTML. Thanks to geocities :) It was on :P Then i made several sites again at bravenet and some other free webhosting providers. Due to my tight schedule @the office, I have no much time to play with web designing for my own self. Then on 2004 I continued blogging using

Well, ( actually provide me more than enough to do simple blogging. It has a dashboard which is easy to navigate, archives, I can change the layout, BloggerAPI. I also joined multiply (, which is also offering me a blog service. What I felt as disadvantages using (and Multiply) were space. I have to put all my files, images, scripts, css for my layout somewhere else out of the It could be tricked acutally for images, but still it didn’s satisfy me. Furthermore when I started developing a modul that enable me to submit a post via SMS & MMS (using BloggerAPI and later change to AtomAPI).

Next is my multiply account. OK i already had a blog, basically i dont need multiply’s blog at all (IMHO, Blogger’s was better). But the frontpage of my multiply look so empty if there’s no posting or review but pictures :P Multiply has a good service that enable me to replicate every post I’ve made from my account. But not vice versa. Like, Multiply also provide me mail-to-blog capabilty. So, I just need to manage postings on my Every post i make will be emailed/replicated to Multiply.

But still it’s less fun for me. Unlike, Multiply kind of boring. It has no API for me to play with :D Space also an issue. So, last year I bought a web&domain hosting package on Dreamhost. I can play more with it :D Setup a wordpress as my blog engine and do something more. Ok, now I have 3 blogs to be managed. Not a big deal, every post I’ve made in my will also be replicated to and I disable this module end of last year to do some fixing. But when I enable it again, I couldnt see the post in my account.  *Oops* what’s wrong with my account?

Login to the dashboard and see all the posts there but marked as "draft". I have to published it or delete it manually one by one. *Arrgghhh*. And every post i want to publish need a word verification. My bad, I’ve never noticed it before. Blogger has a small orange question mark image adjacent to "Word Verification" which leads to a form like this image below:


So, when someone has a look at my blog, verifies that it isn’t spam, they will whitelist my blog so it no longer has the word verification requirement. I’ve made my unlock request today. I hope google will remove my from their spam blog list sooner hehehehe :)

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