SMS Scam

I got this &*%@! SMS on my cellphone today.

And this *&T@)) idiot put "Pengirim: +777" in the last line of the message. What the ….. *sigh*

So, be carefull with these numbers:

Sender +6281331505231, from provider Telkomsel

0899-3333-442, 0899-3333-441 are from Hutchison CP Telecom/Three

If any of you, your family or friends got this kind of SMS, just forget it. It’s a scam. Usually operators will contact you by phone, formal letter, and put announcement on local/national newspaper + their website. If you’re still not sure, contact the official callcenter. And the callcenter numbers are not cellphone number. 

Telkomsel’s call center: 0807-1-811-811 or Medan (061 – 457 8811), Jakarta (021 – 5291 9811), Bandung  (022 – 415 0811), Surabaya (031 – 730 1811) (website, ya ya ya i know it’s so slow)
Hutchison/Three call center:  0896-4-4000-123 (website)

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3 thoughts on “SMS Scam

  1. I once got this similar message too! Bedanya gw pake im3 hehe.. ga usah ditanggepin kayak beginian. maybe emang ekonomi yg makin sulit krn harga sembako pada naik :)

  2. actually i’ve replied to the original number … with it’s own number appear on his handset :P just played around hehehehehe

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