One Night, One Stage – After Party

I love taking random shot of people around me.

Capturing their expression in their natural condition.

And these are some pictures i’ve made from my Sony NEX-5n

anytime, anywhere... never missed the precious moments

real sample for my presentation at SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang last January :)

fans from different generation, different place, are gathering here

different profession also, i guest..

i dont know what they're fighting for? Is it for Nick? Jordan?

but they fought happily :) and the lady in green strikes back :P

we're tired but we're happy, it was exhausted but so much fun

Ahhh, my mistakes. Not everybody happy, I guest :P

"Bro, my girl left me to chase Nick :(" .. sent

"Ok girls, pose, smile. It will be the photos worth to remember forever"

there's always hope, till the end ^_^