One Night, One Stage – NKOTB

I grew up with NKOTB in my pop playlist, from 5th to 9th grade.

And it’s awesome to see them perform live in my country.

Along with Backstreet Boys (BSB), they held their concert titled “NKOTBSB One Night One Stage”, at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta.

Too bad i couldn’t make it on time because getting “foked’ by the Jakarta’s friday night traffic jam
It made us 30minutes late and missed some songs because of that :(
I wanna see The Right Stuff dance live!! :(

But it’s worthy,
I could see my fave band live before my eyes
Jump and dance and sing their songs!!
Along with around 10,000 crowd that night

Awesome!! Yayyy!


Howie and Nick from BSB

the happiest girls of the night

Step By Step!! NKOTB

the 1st NKOTB member, Donnie Wahlberg

Nick of BSB

little Joey of NKOTB, if you remember him back than :P

as long as you love me dance ^_^


i'll be loving you forever...

you can see the rest photos i made in my FB or flickr account :)
and last but not least, these two already got the NKOTB ticket since  January ^_^


4 thoughts on “One Night, One Stage – NKOTB

  1. I love them. Finally my teenage dream comes true. I can see Nick Carter *cried*
    Thanks for the pic.

  2. After 20 years waiting, finally I saw them on my own yard. Dreams do come true. Thanks for the pictures. :)

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