[Photo] Lenka Live at Jakarta 2013 Part 02

Series #2. I’m not following the set list order.
Just realise that Lenka sang 4 songs of her upcoming Shadow album. The album it self will be launched at June 2013

Nothing Here but Love / Heart to The Party / Find A Way To You / After The Winter

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Shadows” track Listing will be:

  1. Nothing Here But Love
  2. Faster With You
  3. Heart To The Party
  4. After the Winter
  5. Find A Way to You
  6. Honeybee
  7. No Harm Tonight
  8. Two Heartbeats
  9. Monsters
  10. Nothing
  11. The Top Of Memory Lane

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  1. Is it possible to use these frietls on displayObject which is larger than 2048 2048, or in other words on full stage (where just some part of it is visible actually? In Starling it would reach max texture size limit in such a case.

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