December – Day 1


Got my MacBook Pro (the one with garskin sticker) back from apple service center.
Mine is 15″ MB134, alumunium early 2008 before the unibody. It’s been ‘death’ last month because of Apple f*****g problem with Nvidia 8600GT.

The Apple service here in Indonesia (iBox) said that my MacBookPro is not in the list that Apple will replace the logic board for free because of this f****ng Nvidia GPU problem. Mine is early 2008 and it should be covered by the extend warranty. I dont know if the list that iBox mentioned is valid or not but i had to pay more than USD 640 to get it alive again.

And it seems there still a problem with the fan. The fan seems to be auto-on when the OSX is loaded up. So, only having the Snow Leopard login prompt will make the fan spinning and make noise. I have to return it back to iBox for further checking. A friend suggest me to check the censor-fan cable (white one) that probably misplaced or even forgot to be placed properly. His MacBook Pro also had same problem, but that facewall dude was lucky for having free logic board replacement.