#mudik the series 2013, still at home

I’ve planned to go for #mudik today, but until now i’m still lying all my bed :p

The thing is i couldnt sleep until around 6am, although feeling so sleepy few hours back *and that’s when i left 8 hydro coco at 7-11 Bintaro* Woke up at 8am busy with arranging things inside my house, check and recheck the bags. Watching HBO (save the last dance 2, jack and jill) Feel so sleepy again on 2pm and i still have to bring Akane to the car wash.

Aaarrrghhhhh! It’s like a lyric from Arkarna old song, “so little time so much to do…”

Woke up again at 4pm and got updates from some friends on the road that traffic condition is still in the worst scenario than i’ve calculated. AgusC was reroute to #sadang and then jatiluhur and then reroute again back to #cileunyi. Live traffic from jasamargalive.com shows that cikampek up until exit toll at KM.72 is fine, many many reports said it stuck at #cikopo.

Exit #dawuan also reported stuck and the near end and it probably will be routed to somewhere else i dont know.

Pantura line is still in code red specially around cikopo-jomin and few kilometers after that.

Hmm, I think i better continue to sleep to gain strength :p wait for the night report and decide after that. Euh… feel somekind like burning inside my stomach :(

I am @nurikidy and this is the opening of my #mudik the series year 2013 blog posts *yawn*

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