Red Lanterns

If you see the red lanterns, first thing that will come up in your mind probably is China.
According to Wikipedia, The Lantern Festival in China is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year in the lunar calendar marking the last day of the lunar New Year celebration. In Indonesia, the festival is well known as Cap Go Meh.

These pictures I took a week ago (after 3 days bedrest) in Living World, Alam Sutra not far from my house. They create what they called as ‘Kampung Pecinan’ (Chinatown) in the roof top. It’s already passed Cap Go Meh I think. No wonder there’s no event like the Lion / Barongsai Dance.

Well, I went there to buy some bread not intentionally for hunting red lanterns :P

The Red Lantern

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Follow Me

Cross Road

Red Lanterns

The Floating Trio

Red Lanterns

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Follow The Lead

So, those all I’ve got ^_^

Hope you like it :P